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Side effects with Triple Jointed™ are extremely rare, but the ginger in the joint formula may cause mild heartburn.It works in a different way and will complement the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin.Will the Triple Jointed™ help support joint injuries that are over 10 years old?If you experience any discomfort, reduce to 1 capsule. Do you use magnesium stearate in any of your products? Although stearic acid can be derived from several sources, including bovine, the most common source in better quality nutritional supplements is vegetable stearic acid primarily from coconut and palm oils.Also, if necessary, try taking capsules with a little food.This dietary supplement can also be taken with food and at other times of the day but will be most effective if taken as instructed above. Stearic acid is an essential saturated fatty acid that is found in all vegetable, seed, nut, and animal oils.Some people notice results quickly, but in general, you need to give the formula 15-30 days to build up levels in the body.