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By boosting intakes of certain nutrients through a combination of food and supplements, it’s possible to repair, rehydrate and revitalise the cells and connective tissue, which in turn, forces the fat cells back to where they belong, so they can’t be seen.You’ll also find information on beating stretch marks, the importance of body brushing, lifestyle advice and the main ingredients that have been linked with treating cellulite.A typical day’s diet includes a fruit- smoothie, porridge and fruit for breakfast; salad, lentil soup, a wholemeal roll and fruit for lunch; chicken stir fry with brown rice and salad and fruit for dinner; fruit and nuts for snacks; and green tea and water for drinks.Booze, caffeine and fatty, sugary, salty and processed foods are off limits.Then mist your entire body with a self-tan spray (like St. "The contouring has a slimming effect that lasts several days," he says."Massage boosts circulation and plumps the skin, creating a smoother look that lasts for days," says Shelley Bawiec, director of spa education for Aveda. Victoria's Secret models seem immune to cottage-cheese syndrome, but makeup artist Stephanie Flor, who preps them at the brand's runway show, says even they get a little help: "If you attract light to the rest of the legs, cellulite is less obvious." Dust a shimmery bronzer like NYC New York Color Bronzer, $5, down the front of your legs. This is achieved by following the accompanying eight-week plan that focuses on changing your diet and taking supplements to strengthen and protect your skin from the inside, and exfoliating and moisturising to protect and strengthen skin from the outside.Although you can't get rid of cellulite completely, here are some simple things you can do to reduce its appearance.What causes that dimply, orange-peel-looking flesh? When fat cells push up against our skin and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down, we're left with that signature bumpy skin.First, apply a self-tan lotion only to the bumpy areas (try L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion, $10).Then mist your entire body with a self-tan spray (like St. "The contouring has a slimming effect that lasts several days," he says.