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(SAIC), in Mc Lean, Va., have been conducting test flights of a new type of lighter-than-air vehicle.But this airship, one of a number of commercial and military vehicles now under development, represents a distinct break from tradition.The renewed investment in airships comes at a time when the energy footprint of all modes of transportation is being scrutinized.Some aviation visionaries now argue that we can't continue using exclusively petroleum-based fuels to power our aircraft.Engineers from my company, Science Applications International Corp.Yükleme zamanı yuxarıda qeyd edilen neqativ hallarla qarşılaşmayacaqsınız.Such concerns have prompted new research into jet biofuels and energy-efficient jet engines.Çünki bezi saytlar virus ve zererli proqramları yaymaq üçün aldadıcı yükleme linklerinden istifade edirler.Residents of Caribou, Maine, who happened to glance up at the skies over the former Loring Air Force Base recently got a glimpse of the future—although they might have thought they were looking at something out of the past.SAIC's Skybus 1500E pilot-optional airship is being designed to carry a payload three times that size and stay aloft for up to 21 days.Buna göre de musiqi dinlemek ve mp3 yüklemek üçün istifade etdiyimiz saytlara girdikde diqqetli olmalıyıq.

Unlike their dirigible cousins of past centuries, these new vehicles are being designed to lift heavy payloads, remain aloft for weeks or even months at a time, and fly without pilots—all while expending far less energy than a conventional airplane or unmanned aerial vehicle.In appearance, the Skybus 80K bears the same oblong shape as the Goodyear Blimp, and it's based on the same flight principles that have governed airships since the 1800s.Large Footer{font-size:11px;display:inline-block;width:100%;color:#999;margin-bottom:8px;text-align:center;margin-top:8px}. MP3 axtarış saytları ile istediyimiz mp3leri axtarıb pulsuz yükleye bilirik. Ancaq bunlardan bezileri saytlarında ziyaret sayı artsın deye yalan melumatlar vermekdedir.We've also begun to understand that not every flight has to be made at eight-tenths the speed of sound.