Blefaroplastica non ablativa fippi

IT sta usando Array per il suo web server IP: ISP: Aruba S.p. (Electrons flow conveyed) uses the electrons to burn more external tissues without heating excessively the surrounding areas as occurs with radiofrequency.In fact the use of each of these tools stems from the action of a particular type of tissue that if treated with that unsuitable be particularly difficult in practice and would have negative outcomes from the point of view of the final result.Electrosurgery was born as a logical evolution of technological achievements in physics and electronics applied to medicine and surgery. The PLEXR (Plasma Exeresi) ionizes the gas in the atmosphere of the GAP (space interposed between the tip said "sprayer", and the tissue to be treated) generating the plasma.Blefaro-felc metodo Fippi (c) | Centro di Rieducazione ... si rivela utile ad evitare anche questo tipo di disagio).To enter into the merits of this modern approach to dermatologic surgery, you need to weigh the differences between the devices most commonly used today: Laser, Radiobisturi Felce e Plexr. This difference in physical behavior, makes us understand the different results that are obtained using one or the other form of energy.With the the temperature increase by Joule effect will involve only the most external tissues, sublimating both poor conductors woven fabrics both normo conductors, without causing depressions, discoloration. L’evoluzione della Soft Surgery ideata e messa a punto dal Prof.It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.Every day I practiced with success at national and international, and through dialogue between the professionals and the inventor of the method is optimized and refined the technique. The RADIOBISTURI uses radio waves to obtain a thermal increase in tissues that depending on the type of modulation allows the coagulation or cutting, provided you have a good contact between the skin and toe. Key considerations: Each fabric has the characteristics to be assessed carefully before each surgery dermatological.With the non-ablative surgery we can perform Interventions, a time even conceivable. (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) uses the emission of photons (with spatial and temporal coherence) to destroy, vaporize or coagulate tissue. The amount of plasma product depends on the exchange of air space ionization (GAP) or the entry in this particular gas (argon and other).Each of these instruments has specific characteristics for a specific type of intervention. The electromagnetic waves of the radio frequency of the radio-surgical as well as light or photons of the laser can be absorbed, reflections, widespread, diffracted or transmitted, while the electric current of FELC can only be conducted.The non-Ablative surgery is a technique for dermatological surgery practice is simplified by an instrument (PLEXR) which allows one to sublimate the treated tissues without causing damage to the surrounding tissues, overcoming all the difficulties in selecting the most suitable equipment.The facts, figures, reviews, records, stats, and other data presented on this page is for suggestion and information purposes only.