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This is a living testament how to get them legs and boo-tay from old lady hams to yoga sticks. I got rid of them, and only then did I research how the heck I unintentionally came to love my legs. Actually, it was a frustrating point even at the height of my fitness days. I had rock hard quads, sculpted hams and firm thighs, but still puzzling was why after getting rid of so much fat in that are I still has cellulite with a personality of its own, not severe, but enough to NOT justify all the blood and sweat. Even though I was constantly improving my body through exercise, I had already embraced all the flaws and the part of ourselves women always find to loathe and criticize.Here’s the post I’ve been promising about Sally Cellulite. (Years later, the light bulb will turn on about how burning calories and eating a large extra cheese pizza with coke every week is very counterproductive in other no-duh areas.) So, as I’ve mentioned, while reading about Nopal and after taking it for less than a week I came across articles that explained how a liver not properly cleaning toxins contributed to cellulite.IF YOU ARE A RELATIVELY HEALTHY PERSON, A FEW CHANGES MIGHT BE ENOUGH.It takes dedication, patience, and sometimes, a bit of el cash-o.Just because we don’t know how to always do it, doesn’t mean it’s not out there. I started putting it all together and here are the things I’ve been doing in the last three months that whipped my legs into shorts-worthy condition?It’s not completely 100% avoidable, but let’s say 90% of my habits have been house-flipped.POST EDIT: I DON’T RECKON YOU WOULD HAVE TO REMOVE EVERY SINGLE TOXIN FROM YOUR LIFE. What really put my panties in a bunch was that all the work I did, and no success in that area.Although I’m trying to halt an annoying disease in its tracks, a significant role for quality of life is to find the root of the disease and reverse the damage that has been done.BUT I’M GUESSING THE OBVIOUS ONES WOULD HELP REDUCE THE PROBLEM, SUCH AS DRINKING COFFEE EVERYTHING AND EATING A CLEANER DIET.YOU MAY NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO TOSS EVERYTHING YOU OWN.Yes, we have the divine ability to clear out disease.