Haru wo daiteita 01

This, as we all know, is attributable to the fact that Nitta Youka is an acclaimed author, renowned for her many works.We propose to make an online petition, in addition to contacting Nitta-sensei, as well as the chosen publishers via Email and/or regular mail."But he thinks that Christmas isn't a 'real' Japanese holiday.""If he's offended, then you can blame it on me," Katou said cheerfully.It also makes reference to the chapter "Hakudatsusha" ("The Plunderer") in Book 9 of the manga, although you don't need to have read it to follow the fic.Because they were going to be arriving in Niigata on Christmas Eve, Katou insisted on buying presents for everyone even though Iwaki protested that his father was a traditional sort who didn't celebrate Christmas."But it would be so sad to show up without any presents for little Hina-chan! "I always got presents from 'Santa' when I was a kid. ""Well, 'hate' is probably too strong a word," Iwaki conceded.The main reason for carrying out the petition is that, “Haru wo Daite Ita” has been and still continues to be a very popular series, captivating a worldwide audience both young and old.Iwaki had thought that a small token gift for each person would be fine, but Katou had gotten carried away with his usual exuberance, and was carrying a bag of presents almost big enough to match Santa's--which went along with the red-and-white Santa hat he was wearing."Ho ho ho! What really surprised Iwaki was that his father seemed to have mellowed over the years, and didn't say one word about Christmas being a marketing scheme rather than a real holiday."He has a good heart."Masahiko just grunted in reply, but did not disagree.Iwaki and Katou had managed to clear their schedules to have a couple of free weeks during the holiday season so that they could visit their families--Iwaki's first, and then Katou's.In fact, he thanked them sincerely for the gifts and smiled indulgently as he watched Katou and Hina playing together with her new toys."Katou is like a big kid himself," Iwaki said, still feeling rather bemused."It was very sweet of him to think of Hina-chan," Fuyumi said with a smile.