Lifting after an appendectomy

Once in hospital, your temperature, pulse, breathing pattern and blood pressure will be charted. my son had an appendectomy about a month ago and since then he has been burping excessively ... Developed h/a, dizziness, gastro upset immediately; incouraged to continue duration. You should rest and not participate in any strenuous activity for at least one or two weeks following an appendectomy.If the appendix ruptures, the infected contents flow into the abdominal cavity.If the surgeon suspects your appendix shows signs that it may rupture, you will be taken to the operating theatre as soon as possible.This can cause a much more serious medical emergency known as peritonitis, which is inflammation of the membranes lining the abdominal wall and organs.The pain is initially felt in the centre of the abdomen and later moves to become a sharper pain in the right lower abdomen. Occasionally, some of these symptoms may be absent and it becomes necessary to investigate the abdominal cavity to make a diagnosis.This may occur as a result of an obstruction in part of the appendix.