Cellulite at back of legs pain

I would not be exaggerating if I said that it was one of the happiest moments of my life! I realized that I had transformed from a thin, thick waist, cellulite-ridden body to a having contoured body with a flat stomach and strong arms and legs.I kept losing weight but my cellulite seemed to increase.My ex-husband was waiting outside the dressing room wondering what was taking so long – the truth was, I was trying to compose myself, close to tears, wondering where the body I once had was. That was 10 years ago now but just this week that painful memory hit me again, I had forgotten how horrible I looked and today the frightening image of my dimpled thighs and butt is a distant memory. She is one of those drop dead gorgeous skinny girls you imagine walks on clouds all day long. But when she pulled down her workout pants to show me I was stunned….I had gained muscle mass and of course, cellulite was gone.I felt extremely self-conscious because people were always shocked if they saw my legs!Not only do I look good, but I really feel better and capable of accomplishing anything.” Now, if you are like me, you may be skeptical about how bad Pili’s cellulite was so right now I am locating her before pics from her doctor AND we are planning a professional photo shoot for her in December along with 2 other of my clients here!LOL they have asked for a bottle of champagne at the shoot and hey I just may bend the rules for one day – they all deserve it after working so hard (stay tuned for those transformation stories)! Bad news is, women are far more predisposed to it given the genetic structure of our fat layer (over 90% of cellulite cases occur in women). I know because today I have NONE, in fact, OK just for the record here is a competition pic of my butt – the lines you see are the striations of the muscle showing through the skin.I was very frustrated but fortunately, that is when I met Belinda and started training with her.I live in a hot climate so I couldn’t wear shorts, a bathing suit, skirts or dresses without feeling horrible.“Before I started weight training with Belinda, I was thin but my thighs and butt were full of cellulite and I had fat around the waist.Despite being very young and skinny (21 years, 5 foot 5, 108 pounds) she was riddled with deep cellulite all over her legs and butt.

I even tried not eating for a while to try get rid of my cellulite and reduce my waistline, but things just got worse.Then one day just recently I looked again in the mirror and realized that the cellulite was gone. I started to go out and people would make comments about how good my body looked.My self-esteem was rock bottom to the point that I would avoid looking at my body in the mirror.At the same time my muscle ratio was way below average, I was very weak and I was underweight.To be honest, I wouldn’t want to be this lean again but it makes a point!