Olympic lifting platform wood

All rubber (surface) or rubber with oak ply wood center + your choice logo (subject to graphics approval)Each platform contains 2 1/4" wood base layer with your choice of all rubber or rubber with wood center as top layer.Drop the bar once and do not rebound it off the ground any more than that.Band pegs can be added to any platform, please contact us if you're interested, they are not included.This too falls into the respect category as in Rule #1. Even though you may not be competing, it is important to address the bar as you dress for the sport.(See also my article on weightlifting straps.) Dress for the sport for which you are there to train - head to toe.The barbell should always be loaded in progression of lowest weight on the outside to the heaviest weight on the inside (closest to lifter). Take all the plates off if need be and re-load starting with the heaviest of your discs first.In addition, metal falling on a platform can destroy even the most well built platforms.Coach’s Note: If you are doing a workout that requires lifting and any other movements, move the bar off the platform and do the workout there.Coach’s Note: Respect each kind and type of bar and the types of plates for which they are designed. I have seen far too many good weightlifting barbells completely destroyed by athletes dropping them when recklessly loaded with metal.Clothes should always be close-fitting, collar-less, and should not cover up the elbows or the knees.To swap out discs (plates) or to leave the platform, walk around the bar. When you begin and when you finish with your lift, walk off the platform to the sides, never walking forward or backwards over or across the bar.It is very important to load your barbell properly.Any lifter who sees it happen will cringe - and should.

Another option is to simply move from the platform where you are lifting to another allocated space for the other work.Touching the bar with your foot is a sign of disrespect for the sport of weightlifting and thus a big “no-no” on the weightlifting platform.In other words, the heaviest discs go on the bar first and follow outwards in descending order. Metal plates that weigh more than 10kg can damage or even completely destroy the barbell and the platform by bending bars and causing friction on the spin of the bar (the spin is perhaps the biggest aspect of a good bar).Metal plates also do not fit together due to small gaps (unlike “bumper” plates used on the platform which all are 18 inches).USA MADE OLY PLATFORMS6' X 8', choose from either 2" or 3" frame.