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However, some forms of rigid sarking are not structural such as thermal insulation.If the counterbattens are independently fixed to the structural timbers below sufficiently so as to resist the wind uplift forces acting upon the roof then they can be considered structural.Nailing tiles onto battens has been common practice for many years and if done with nails that will not rust or decay such as aluminium alloy or stainless steel, will normally ensure the tiles remain attached to the batten especially on steep roofs.Alternatively a proprietary roofing mortar can be mixed and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.In very high winds the wind suction may be more than the weight of the tile can cope with and it will lift even when nailed at the head of the tile.When this happens the tile will either drop back onto the lower course of tiles causing impact damage or in severe conditions, could wrench the head off the nail.In addition water can penetrate the roof through a broken or missing tile.The new calculation method and general tile security recommendations given in BS 5534: 2014, Slating and tiling for pitched roofs and vertical cladding - Code of Practice should be used to determine the correct fixing specification for tiles on each particular building.BS 5534: 2014, Slating and tiling for pitched roofs and vertical cladding - Code of Practice stipulates that roofing mortar should be 1:3 cement: sand ratio.Tiles can perform a 'Mexican Wave' as high wind pressure waves pass over making a lot of noise in the process as they clatter against each other.

This will show whether nailing is adequate or if clipping is necessary or even nailing and clipping.Galvanised nails are not appropriate as they can be scratched by the aggregate in the concrete and will then rust.Redland can provide fixing specifications free of charge for all Redland tiles via its What is the correct sand grade for mortar bedding ridge and hip tiles?What size counterbatten should be used with rigid sarking?Even worse the nail could be pulled out of the batten and the tile fly off the roof causing possibly injury to anyone passing by or damage to property.