Lift arm gates

Generally used for handling long loads which only need relatively small changes in height.Usually our lift tables are powered by electro-hydraulic power packs, 3 phase, single phase, 12 and 24 volts D. In special circumstances some Power-Lift scissor lift tables can be actuated by air motors, air bags, push / rigid chain, trapezoidal thread, spindle or belt drives.These lift tables differ from MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) in that they generally lift large loads (up to 100 tonnes) through relatively short distances - typically up to 3 metres (more in special cases).Power-Lifts have supplied lifts up to 17 metres long.MEWPs, on the other hand, tend to be designed to lift small loads - up to 500kgs or 2 or 3 men, through larger distances for access purposes.A standard lift design that provides the equivalent of about 60% of the platform length as stroke.Having manufactured over 100,000 units since the 1970's Power-Lifts has an extensive range of standard and bespoke lift tables, most of which can be modified to meet customer specific needs.

Scissor lifts are also known as platform lifts, lifting platforms, working platforms or simply, lift tables.For safety purposes galvanised mesh curtains, pvc bellows guards and roller blinds can be fitted under lifts to restrict ingress to the under sides.Some of the more common extra requirements include smooth or slip resisting tear pattern deck plates, access hatches over power packs and cylinders, lifting eye bolts, auto-rising wheel / roll-off stops coming out of the platform, handrails, barriers and gates, goal posts, loading flaps, bridge plates and turn-tables.One of our company directors is a member of a National standards advisory panel that put together this code of practice.Our lift tables can also be manufactured in various grades of stainless steel and galvanised carbon steel, or customer choice combinations to suit the environmental working conditions.