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One screen is not sufficient to protect her from cervical cancer.• False positive rate of cytology screening: Women who screen abnormal are psychologically upset, anxious and left doubting the medical process (i.e.In my opening article, I wrote about the mandatory ruling in July of 2008 by the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that would require all female green card applicants and immigrants between the ages of 11-26 to receive the Gardasil vaccine. In the larger conversation, perhaps no one professional has been quoted, and misquoted, more frequently than Dr. The recipient of a Masters Degree in Public Health, Dr.• False negative rate of cytology screening: Among the women who develop cervical cancer in the U.Throughout my examination of the Gardasil vaccine, there has been a steady flow of information, disinformation, and new developments.• Relationship harms: Once women are told they have an abnormal Pap and that the Pap is abnormal because of a STD called HPV, most relationships are stressed as the partners attempt to understand who brought the infection to the relationship.These reproductive morbidities occur between 70%-300% more often in women with excisions.In addition to the questions that I raised this month with Dr.