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We are the ones who decide whether from this season's trends we'll choose the one that is heavy and creates a mask on our face (an example here) or the one that is delicate and highlights our natural features (an example here).We can illuminate our face in three different ways: apply a creamy luminizer under our foundation, buy an illuminating foundation, or find an appropriate compact highlighter which can be applied with a brush when our makeup is already finished.It is best to apply a face cream right after leaving the shower and start doing something else.Ten drugi opiera się na lekkich, nowoczesnych kosmetykach i umiarze w ich nakładaniu.When the product is slightly absorbed into the skin, we can start our makeup.– "Less makeup, more glow" is the main principle which we should follow.– You've probably heard about it on numerous occasions but in case of makeup which is supposed to be light and fresh the most important step is the previous heavy moisturisation.The latter is based on light and modern cosmetics and a moderate application. Na inne rzeczy nie ma czasu" – to jeden ze słynnych cytatów Coco Chanel."Fashion changes, but style endures" or "less is more" are, perhaps, slightly clichéd quotes, yet they have been pointing our way for a couple of years now and following the rules embedded in them allows us to look increasingly better.– Pewnie słyszałyście o tym już nie raz, ale w przypadku makijażu, który ma być lekki i świeży najważniejsze jest wcześniejsze, bardzo mocne nawilżenie skóry.Jeśli mamy poczucie, że nasza szafa dobrze spełniłaby już kryteria bezwzględnej kreatorki, a my również zadowolone jesteśmy z jej zawartości, to pora sprawdzić, czy pozostałe elementy naszego wizerunku również wpisują się w ponadczasową elegancję CHANEL. Coco Chanel mawiała jednak Makijaż powinien być przede wszystkim naturalny, świetlisty i łatwy do wykonania.Gabrielle Chanel surely had flaws (and I don't mean only physical traits).If we have the feeling that our wardrobe would successfully fulfil the criteria of the strict designer and we are also happy with its contents, it's time to check whether other elements of our image are consistent with CHANEL's timeless elegance as well.How much time do you need to do your daytime makeup? Would this imaginary CHANEL woman spend half an hour in front of a mirror each day and contour her face with the use of three brushes and five different foundation shades? She would be too much focused on the really important things in her life to waste precious minutes on watching Youtube videos and recreating intricate paintings on her own face, hair, and nails. Even though her categorical formulation of thoughts is quite hard to digest for me (I don't see the world in black and white), it is possible to discern certain tips which help to get your priorities, your own style, approach to fashion, and a general self-image as a woman right.

However, the brand that she started was successfully creating the image of an ideal woman for more than half a century – elegant, ethereal, delicate, and, at the same time, confident. That leaves no other time" – this is one of the famous Coco Chanel's quotes.Od nas zależy, czy spośród urodowych trendów obecnego sezonu, wybierzemy ten przeładowany, zmieniający naszą twarz w maskę (przykład tutaj), czy ten delikatny, podkreślający nasze walory (przykład tutaj).However, Coco Chanel used to say "fix yourself up a little for a date with destiny" – therefore, what kind of makeup should we wear?First and foremost, our makeup should be natural, luminous, and easy to do.